We are very pleased to announce, as promised last Spring in our proposed restructuring of the Roanoke Pride Organization throughout 2014, the Roanoke Pride Board of Directors have written new By-Laws and Structure for our Organization and as of last night they have been approved by official vote and are now OFFICIAL.

While we will be announcing first of next week some key positions which are available under our new structure, as well as the process for filling these positions, we wanted to share with you the new Board of Directors Structure for Roanoke Pride.

EXECUTIVE Board of Directors:

1. President

2. Vice President of Programming & Structure

3. Vice President of Festival Coordination

4. Vice President of Development

5. Treasurer

6. Secretary

Full Board of Directors Positions:

7. PR, Marketing & Merchant Director

8. Government & Organization Liaison

9. Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

10. Entertainment Development Director

11. Entertainment Logistics & Implementation

Additionally, the PRISM Foundation Committee is now an official part of our Articles and By-Laws and will be chaired by the President of the Roanoke Pride Board of Directors with the Vice-Chair of the Foundation being filled by the Pride Vice President of Programming & Structure.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news as well as what positions are open in the coming days. Thank you everyone for your continued support of our Organization.


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