Good Evening Roanoke & Southwest Virginia!

We are pleased to announce the Application and Decision process for the new Roanoke Pride and PRISM Foundation Board of Directors is complete.

We are elated at the overwhelming interest and response to the new board structure and open positions following our complete structural revamp.

We had 12 total applicants for six standing open positions, as well as several others who could not fulfill meeting obligations but wish to serve on the Committee. Additionally, we had one additional position open in the last couple of weeks which gave us seven positions to fill. In order to help efficiently facilitate all matters of the Board and especially with our organization growth with the new PRISM Foundation, we have enacted two Board Member at Large positions for a grand total of 13 Board members. Out of 12 Board applicants, we essentially brought 8 of those into the mix with this decision.

We do still have one position open due to lack of any qualified candidates- that position being Treasurer. Robert Ball will stay on for the immediate future until we find a suitable replacement. A link for applications for that position will be available momentarily.

The 2015-16 Roanoke Pride & The PRISM Foundation Board of Directors are:

President- Jason Michael Gilmore

Vice-President of Programming & Structure- Angie Paris aka Coda Fatts

Vice-President of Festival- Michael Lee Smith

Vice-President of Development- Timikus Dean aka Alexis

Secretary- Owen Larson

Treasurer- Open (Robert until filled)

Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator- Chris Jordan

Entertainment Logistics & Implementation- Chuk Luvender aka Bunny

Entertainment Procurement & Development- Aaron C Sifford

PR, Marketing & Merchandising- Johanna Cooper

Government & LGBT Organization Liaison- Will Rye

Board Members at Large:
Jonathan Moralde
Julianna Fialkowskiz

We wish to extend thanks to recent outgoing Pride Board Members Robbie Thompson, Karla Brown, Ray Rushton, and Ryan Lineberry. A very special thank you to Ryan for staying on in his position through a lot of recent trying circumstances.

We have a lot of work ahead of us... but we have a lot of momentum and great elements in place going forward!

Welcome aboard to all these new folks and congratulations to all new position holders.

Onward to Pride 26 to be held September 12 & 13!

We look forward to a healthy, prosperous and successful 2015 for Roanoke PRIDE & The PRISM Foundation!

We are very pleased to announce, as promised last Spring in our proposed restructuring of the Roanoke Pride Organization throughout 2014, the Roanoke Pride Board of Directors have written new By-Laws and Structure for our Organization and as of last night they have been approved by official vote and are now OFFICIAL.

While we will be announcing first of next week some key positions which are available under our new structure, as well as the process for filling these positions, we wanted to share with you the new Board of Directors Structure for Roanoke Pride.

EXECUTIVE Board of Directors:

1. President

2. Vice President of Programming & Structure

3. Vice President of Festival Coordination

4. Vice President of Development

5. Treasurer

6. Secretary

Full Board of Directors Positions:

7. PR, Marketing & Merchant Director

8. Government & Organization Liaison

9. Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

10. Entertainment Development Director

11. Entertainment Logistics & Implementation

Additionally, the PRISM Foundation Committee is now an official part of our Articles and By-Laws and will be chaired by the President of the Roanoke Pride Board of Directors with the Vice-Chair of the Foundation being filled by the Pride Vice President of Programming & Structure.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news as well as what positions are open in the coming days. Thank you everyone for your continued support of our Organization.
Attention Roanoke area folks: Are any of you out there planning on getting legally married pending the court cases and Attorney General's actions here in the Commonwealth? If you are and willing to talk to WDBJ7 News about such, please contact Jason via email at or via text at 310.743.3083.